Will Bitcoin Recover?

From something I posted over the weekend:


BIT_W_6.5.18.jpgLink to chart:  https://postimg.cc/image/h8r58sprb/

Parabolic markets – when an issue, indice or commodity goes parabolic in price… historically, they crash and take a very long time to recover.


Gold went parabolic in the 80s and took 28-years to recover…


GOLD_M_6.5.18.jpgLink to chart:  https://postimg.cc/image/4veb1dzxj/


The Nikkei 225 went parabolic in the 90s and still has not yet recovered…


JP225_M_6.5.18.jpgLink to chart:  https://postimg.cc/image/oq0cnkkav/


The NASDAQ Composite went parabolic in the 2000s and took 16-years to recover…


COMP_M_6.5.18-2.jpgLink to chart:  https://postimg.cc/image/cbdknbddz/


BIT went parabolic this year, and IMHO, based on my fractal interpretation and momentum indicator, has not yet bottomed (I’m looking for a low between $4K-$6K), and if history is any indication, it will not recover for 10-20 years….


Time will tell.

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