SPX Year-end Update

On 1.4.19, after the SPX had fallen about 600-points in three months, and most of the trading community and market analysts were calling for another 2000- or 2007-style market crash, I forecast that the SPX would be back to new ATHs within months – chart-1…


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Then on 2.15.19, before my first forecast had come to fruition, I revised the forecast, and added that the SPX would rise into year’s end, with a target of ~3290 – chart-2…


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Now we’re moving into October, and so far, so good…. on Friday, the SPX dropped on trade war news and completed wave-b:c, and now the SPX can rise upward in wave-c:c to the ~3200 range into late October – chart-3…

The entire fractal structure since January 2018 has been corrective – a double zig zag correction, where each of the main legs is a three wave structure, thus the entire structure is a 3-3-3-3-3 corrective structure….

2020 will be the last leg – down – and targets ~2750, where wave-(y) = 1.618 the median of wave-a… watching. .


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