SPX Monthly Momentum Model Ready For Turn

Below is the SPX monthly chart with my momentum indicator setup…

The monthly model has had only six turns, inclusive of the last bull market cycle completion in 2000:

  • September 2000
  • April 2003
  • November 2007
  • April 2009
  • June 2015
  • March 2016

If my fractal and momentum work is correct, the next turn is approaching as soon as February 2020…


SPX-M-12-20-19.jpgLink to larger chart:  Link 


I’d like to think this leg down will be similar in time to the first leg down in 2018, about 3-6 months, though Martin Armstrong @armstrongeconomics is concerned the EU and the ECB will not step up to deal with the coming liquidity crisis, thus prolonging this leg down as far out as to 2021… watching.

BTW, this is the model I created for institutional money/asset managers; for more information, DM me.

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