Looking back 12-months from today, the SPX was trading in the low 2500s, after falling from a September 2018 high in the ~2950 range and falling to a December 2018 low in the ~2350 range…

It was also on this day, 1.4.19, 12-months ago that I forecast the US equities markets, even though suffering such a large 3-month decline, would push back upward to new ATHs within months, rather than years, or if at all, as so many of those in the forecasting world were saying – as far as I know, NOBODY was making such a bold claim at that time…


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The SPX did push upward to new ATHs and set a new AT closing high on 4.26.19 – and yet while that day was still over 2-months away, on 2.15.19, I revised my forecast to include the US equities markets pushing upward into year’s end – the first chart is that forecast – and again, I STOOD ALONE in such a forecast…


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The US equities markets did push upward into year’s end, though have still not yet reached my upward target of ~3290, as you can see from the second chart, last week’s high of ~3258, is still some 32-points short, though I suggest prices will linger in this range for a bit longer, and that target will be attained when President Trump signs the Phase-1 trade agreement on January 15… watching.


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