How Long to Make a Million Dollars in the Stock Market?

Back on 5.21.19, I read an article exploring how long would it take to become a millionaire via the stock market…



The answer was relative to many factors, including:

  • when did you initially get in…
  • did you get scared and sell at the bottom of corrections…
  • did you finally only get back into the market late in the rally phase…
  • etc, etc, etc….



For the article, they assumed you would buy-and-hold, and also assumed a 7.65 CAGR (compound annual growth rate), and based on those two constants, this is how it would be done:

  • Invest $485K for 10-years
  • Invest $235K for 20-years
  • Invest $115K for 30-years
  • Invest $55K for 40-years

You could have used my SAR momentum-based swing system with the aggressive model for 12-24 months, starting with $50K and risking up to 20% per swing…

Since 1.1.18, my system has generated 80 signals, ten were losers, for a losing rate of 12.5%… those ten losing trades total 49-points per contract, while the seventy winning trades have generated 4300-points per contract, that ratio is 1.1%

The stats for my system since I started posting the signals daily, in pretty much real-time are 73-signals with the same ten losses for a losing rate of 13.7%, and the point ratio rises to 1.4% with 3430-points won and 49-points lost…
Here are the updated spreadsheets for both trading models on my SAR swing system dating back to January 2018 through July 2019… if this intrigues you, and you have $50K to fund an account, DM me!
SAR signals with only one contract risked per swing:
SAR aggressive model with up to 20% equity risked per swing:

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