$500,000 Profits in Under Five Months

On December 7, one of my clients, Doctor Owen, of Alabama started his fifth month of receiving my text-only trading signals, and in that time his profits have been over $600,000! (Updated 12.20.19)





Below are highlights of additional profits, which over the past four months, are more than $600,000.  In fact, in November, I did a presentation for a doctor’s group, where Doctor Scott Owen of Alabama told of our work together at that time, where his profits were at $350,000 at that time:  Link to audio presentation from 11.10.19, it’s about 30-min long:  Audio 

If you’re looking for an escape from the rat-race life style and would like to pursue the laptop lifestyle, it is very real and possible.  Doctor Scott is over half way to his goal to be able to step back from practice and simply manage his staff and trade full-time… at this time, he practices, manages and trades.


If this piques your interest, please send me a DM and let’s see if there’s a fit!
















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